Taking Stock: July 2020

Taking Stock

Making: Smoothies.  So many smoothies- pretty much one every day for breakfast.  I know that its really better if I eat these vegetables and fruits- I will feel more “full”.  But, TBH, I gotta do this sitting in front of my computer, while I am working.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Cooking: I am finally making Ina Garten’s Engagement Chicken, because I got whole chicken from the grocery.  Dave decided to get smart with me, asking if it would work because I only got one chicken.  Turns out, I don’t plan to share with him, which is what he gets for being a smart ass.
Reading: The Underground Railroad.  And its heavy.  So heavy.  Like, I knew that slavery is pretty much the worst thing this country has ever done on a broad scale (you know, up there with genocide), but realizing that Whitehead bases his fictional account on actual events is something.  It’s taking me forever to get through it.  Along with the Sixth Extinction.  Just forever.
Waiting: To finish this move.  We got a new place over near our old neighborhood.  But you set a date to move with the u-Haul truck and it just feels like a long wait.
Looking: At Pinterest all the time now.  I’m getting so many ideas for stuff I want to make.  Like, I have already bought two pieces of wooden furniture that need to be refinished.  Like, bitch, can you just move first.  Please?
Listening: One of my sociology graduate students from a couple of years ago has a podcost.  It pairs critical analysis of media, culture, politics, and everyday happenings.  With all this spare time I have been having on my hands, I finally started listening to it.  It’s brilliant: https://www.soapboxpo.com/podcast.html
Wishing: Like everyone else, really just wishing for things to get back to normal. I have put on so much weight since this thing began- which is whatever.  But it just means I am slower and being physically active
Enjoying: I bought this Van Gogh paint by number at the beginning of the pandemic.  I don’t get to paint a lot, but I am loving the hell out of it.  Its fantastic for binging shows.
Appreciating: I am apprecaiting the hell out of my quiet office with the cold AC.  And being 200 feet from Whole Foods (and their hot bar).  Annoyed when it gets hot in the house and I can’t blast the AC because doing so will freeze Dave out (the AC in his office blows directly onto him).
Loving: I started listening to “Wow, No Thank You: Essays” by Samantha Irby, and honestly, I feel like she gets me.  I am sad that blogs aren’t a thing people do anymore, becuase I could read her every day.
Buying: iPad accessories.  Honestly, I really did buy a stand and a keyboard for my iPad.  WHAT?  You mean, like a laptop computer?  That’s novel…
Watching: Watching to see what CPS is going to do with school next year.  Apparently, they are pretty set on going back to school, because 1) parents can’t continue to stay home and 2) some kids are going to be left behind because they are NOT able to do homeschooling.  But it all pretty much hinges on the teachers union.  Which is pretty wild.  
Hoping: To rejoin CrossFit next week.  Its been five years and its time.  The new place that we are moving to is 2 miles away from a box in Skokie and I am looking forward to being able to workout before work.  For the first couple of months, it should work pretty seamlessly with my work schedule.
Wearing: In an effort to up my basic bitch street cred, I got a membership to Fabletics.  I was trying to see what that was all about, but I ended up with a couple of pairs of athletic pants that are the best athletic pants I ever put on.  So, yeah, those are on repeat now.

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