Memorial Day Tournament in Naperville

Nico had the Wolf Tournament (Judo) this weekend.  And a soccer tournament.  So, we did judo on Saturday and joined the team for soccer on Sunday.  They ended up winning the soccer tournament.  It was brutally hot.

I like that he is into the social part of being on a team.  Maybe that means he won’t be a total A-hole when he grows up.

He played really well.  I love that he has taken to being a keeper.  I think it suits him.

Tough and Strong

As friends and loved ones of me, you are, friends and loved ones of a CrossFitter.  Sorry, it is what it is.  For the next five weeks, all the CrossFitters will “compete” against each other all around the country in the same workouts.  The top finishers from each region get invited to Regionals and the winners from Regionals go to The Games.

I have been organizing these events for my gym, where one night a week, we have two athletes face off against each other.  We’re trying to have a solid balance between the two that compete, so that someone isn’t getting buried by their competitor.  This has made me think a lot more about how I stack up against the other female athletes.

There are a couple of things I can’t do (pullups, ringdips, muscleups, and efficient Toes 2 Bar), but there are other things I am good at; heavyish deadlifts and cleans, shoulder to over head, double unders (depends on the day).  And then there are things that I am just terrible at burpees and pushups, but I can still do them.   I’m in this weird middle place, where I am not improving much compared to the people around me.  I’m better than a lot of the scaled women at most of the things they do.  But then So and So will get a pullup.  Someone else moves onto a double bodyweight squat.  And then I’m like:

A lot of days, it doesn’t bother me.  I was in a bad place (physically) when I started CrossFit- and sometimes I am amazed at some of the things I can do.  Look me!  I have double unders.  And I can clean like a champ!

And then there are the rest of the days… Days when I remember, I am the fourth oldest woman at our place, and the only one that has had a kid, that was brought into this world with a long cut through the middle of my body.  And the only one that spent 7 years of their life sitting on their ass in grad school.  And it’s impossible for me to spend as much time as I want in the gym.  If it were up to me, I would spend three hours in the gym every day.  As it is now, I’m lucky if I get 1.5-2 hours, which usually includes showering, and transporting to and from.

The thing is: I used to think of myself as being strong and tough, which I will take.  At the very least, if I wasn’t terribly mobile, or quick, or fast, at least I was strong and tough.  But maybe my conceptualization of strong and tough are different from everyone else’s.  Like maybe I am not tough for dragging my ass into the gym when I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep, when stress is eating my will alive, and when it’s really inconvenient to go.  Maybe tough is really only going unbroken in workout sets, or pushing yourself all the way through a workout (and not shifting into survival mode 10 minutes in).    


Nico is a lot of fun lately.  Here he is talking about the book he is reading:

And this is him at practice:

Nico started his big school today.  Yesterday, his last day the the FSU Infant and Toddler center was bittersweet.  Mostly because he has been there for 2 years and I am not sure he realizes that he won’t see his little friends as much.


Nico is saying some really funny things lately.  Like last week, he told me that he made up a new game called Tee-bitch.  No joke.  So afterward, Dave asked him, “What’s it like playing your new game?”  to which Nico replied, “It’s a bitch.”  Hehehehehehehe.

He has also made up a new word called “Smitch”- its like a cross between a smooch and a kiss.  Sometimes I say to him (like after he wakes up from nap), “Can I give you a smooch?” Or “Let’s have a smooch before we go outside”.  He changed the word to smitch.  So awesome.  
He has also taken to calling Beckett (the baby that Nicole and Cody just adopted) Bucket.  It’s so great. 
Even funnier was the other day when we were cleaning, I apparently put a pair of pants in the wash that had money in them.  Nico came running into the kitchen with the money asking, “Mama, why did you launder this money?” Dave put him up to that…