Nico Work

We had friends over for brunch this weekend.  Nico helped me clean the bathroom.  He has a new thing called “The Swiffer Dance.”  I consider it my greatest disappointment that I didn’t get it on video.  That would have been amazing.

I wouldn’t say that he was really good at cleaning, unless you count overspraying cleaner on vertical surfaces good at cleaning.  But it was nice that he wanted to help.  
Last week his teacher complimented Dave in front of Nico about how good of a leader Nico is.  Apparently, they all have these little chores at school… from what I can gather, he seems to be something of a boss- prompting other kids to do their jobs and having the other kids report back.  So basically my kid is destined for civil service?  In any case, when he heard his teacher tell Dave how good he is at this job, Nico was BEAMING.  Which makes me happy.  

Working the system

We started the weekend with Movies in the Park. This week we went to a park about 3/4 of a mile from the house and saw Despicable Me 2 on the big screen. We took a picnic and remembered the bug wipes. Nico was a gem for most of it. And I was glad to be living in a city that offers these kinds of events.

Today, I had a photo shoot in Lake View. Nico and Dave watched the World Cup final. And when I got home, Nico came up to me and started with, “You know what is annoying? Germany winning the World Cup!”  Which is funny- that he starts sentences like that.