I posted- I swear

So, I was publicly shamed.  Shame to my house!  Shame to my family!! Nicole called me out for not blogging recently.  Since it has been increasingly difficult for me to sit down and actually blog at my computer, I thought I would do more of it from my phone.  So I redownloaded the app.  I wrote some posts- posted them.  And walked away.  That is how busy I have been- I haven’t even been able to read my own blog.  Yes, I do that.  And my own facebook.  And my own instagram.  And my own twitter.  I know.  I know.  But I am just so damn clever sometimes, I can’t help it.

Regardless, Nicole called me out on facebook and told me to post- which I started to do tonight.  Then I saw what I did- so look at that- over a month with no posts and now three posts in one day.  In one day!!

Nico is hilarious lately.  He says some pretty funny things.  And he is starting understand the fine line between funny-cheeky sass and disrespectful back talk.  Which is awesome.  A favorite of late: “It’s getting really boring listening to your annoying face.”

The recently completed the standardized testing at his school.  He was ranked highest in his class- and in the 98th percentile- for math and reading.  It wasn’t really surprising, since we see how easy the homework is for him.  But it was cool nonetheless.

But in case you were thinking that Nico was getting too smart and sophisticated.  Keep in mind that this week I cut the sleeves off of a camo t-shirt for Nico.  Like his mom- Nico is a touch fussy about his clothes going to school.  He obsesses (a tiny bit) when he gets toothpaste or a spot on his tshirt.  Wednesday we discovered paint on the sleeve of his camo tshirt and he was starting to get worked up about it.  So when I walked him into class, I borrowed a teacher’s scissors and cut the sleeves off.  My son wore a sleeveless camo tshirt.  To school.  In Chicago.  🙂

I’m just a little shy…

Nico got in a scotch of trouble at school last week.  Apparently he wouldn’t stop talking during class.  And he did not feel the need to participate in school activities.  You know me, I was like:


So we had the conversation about it and I made him write an apology letter.  The next day when it was time to deliver it to his teacher, he didn’t want to (he IS terribly shy about approaching ANYONE to ask them something or say something to them).  As we were walking into school he was trying to convince me to do the heavy lifting on this.  And I was like, “I wasn’t the one disrupting class.  That was you.  You need to apologize and give her the note.” And he said, plain as day, “Mom, remember, I’m just a little shy.”

It basically made my day.


Nico has been in the midwest for all of four months, and it appears that he has begun acquiring a midwestern accent.  Sweet Jesus.  An actual midwestern accent.  So, it started the other day when we were playing around and he said something about taking a ba-yth.  A what, you ask?  A ba-yth.  No, let me stop for a second and explain something, so you can fully appreciate what the hell was going on.  A couple of months ago, I was tickling Nico and he laughed and said, “You’re tickling my hip.”  But what I heard was, “You’re tickling my heeeip.”  To which I laughed and said, “Hip.  You’re tickling my HIP.”  He thinks this is hilarious.  And so it becomes a game.  So, I thought he was joking me the other day when he said “bayth”.  No.  Not joking at all.
I envision this:


He’s also started asking if he can go outside by asking, “Can I go outside to stretch my legs?” This is hilarious, because he got this from Dave. But usually only in the context of roadtrips. It’s pretty great.

We had a fun weekend. I went to Toledo, Ohio on Thursday for a conference with my boss. We presented Friday morning and killed it. We had over 100 people at a 9am session. In academic standards, that is pretty much like standing room only. I got back Friday night while Dave and Nico were at the YMCA and putzed around the house. Saturday morning Nico and I walked up to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. After, we headed to the YMCA for swimming lessons for Nico. Saturday afternoon, we met Nico’s new babysitter. She is a student at North Park University and does music. In fact, today she asked if she could take him to her bell practice. She thinks he might enjoy helping her ring the bells. Are you kidding me? He’s going to love it.

Check out this meatball playing catch:

Sunday, Nico and I ran some errands, including a couple of book stores. One of these was a used bookstore, I pass twice a day going to and from work. I can’t wait to head back some time without Nico… to see if they have any treasures. It looks like the kind of place that would have treasures.

The Good News Is…

Nico has been talking for two years and I still get a big kick out of when he says things that are CLEARLY things that he has heard from us.  Some Gems:

“So, the good news is…” (which is what I say whenever I want to point on the silver lining in a less than great situation).
“Well, would you look at that?” (which is something I sometimes say whenever I am a little surprised by something).
“Here comes a snuggle from _________-face” (he fills in the blank with whatever he’s been eating that he has on his face… like yogurt.  “Here comes a snuggle from yogurt-face” or “Here comes a snuggle from ice-cream sandwich face.”)
“How about if we take a ride down to…” (this is all Dave… this morning Nico suggested that after school today, “we ride down to Margies for some ice cream” after school today.
He has also started being a bit melodramatic… something he has picked up from someone at school, I think.  He’ll say something like, “No one even cares about me!” Which is a hard sell when you are an only child and you’ve been attachment parented your entire life.  I haven’t been startled out of dead sleep at 141am by a foot thrown across my neck for him to claim that no one cares about him.
One of my favorite things to tell him when he starts whining about something crazy, like when he wants to play with a toy that is upstairs and starts whining.  I can’t wait for him to parrot back to me: “This is a first world problem.  There are kids in the developing world that would love to have this as a problem.”

Coughie McCoughersons

Sorry I have been out of contact, we have a lot going on around the house these days. 

We’re all sick.  Sort of.  We’ve got this thing that has settled into our chests.  Dave and I are coughie mccoughersons.  Nico’s cough is less bad, and none of us seem to have fevers.  I took sick days on Monday and Tuesday, but due to an impending deadline for a final paper in my class, did not make it to see a movie at the dollar theatre.  Sadface.

Speaking of which… am I the only person that is totally amped up to see “Bridesmaids?”  Crickets… so I guess, yes. 

I made it down to the county on Saturday, but the horse show I was supposed to see got canceled.  Which was a bummer.  Maybe next time?  I did make it up to see our U14 team play in Thomasville Tournament.  They did okay… they played and lost four games.  By one goal each.  So that sucks… but not as bad as if they had lost BIG.  I found out on Friday that our sweeper and our goalkeeper made the All Big Bend First team… which is pretty exciting (our GK is also playing in the state championship in Tennis today).  Also our little big gun won districts in the 800.  She anchors a 4X400 team that is all soccer girls… they are running in regionals this week.  My soccer girls are representin’!!

Dave and I are hosting an Easter Brunch on Sunday.  So I am busy trying to find things I want to have.  Including these:

Best. Invention. Ever. 

We have a new song we like.  Its Nico’s favoritte.  Called “Dumptruck, dumptruck.”

Sleepy head

This is how Nico sleeps when he is in our bed: with his arms stretched out wide so that he can keep a hand or arm on each of us.  I know. How adorable, right? Can’t you just eat him up?  He was really cute last night when I got home from campus.  He was jogging around the house… saying, “hey!” and laughing.  TOOO CUTE.

This morning, I went to lay a blanket on Nico (who was in our bed).  He was kind of stirring, and woke up a little when I came in room.  He went to hug me and sat in my lap for a few minutes, till he fell asleep again.  I laid with him on the bed for about 10 minutes before heading to work.  It was very nice.

Last week, Mom and Nico played a game, where he sits in one of our office chairs and she spins him.  She taught him the “Aleman France” position (which is something that her brothers made up when they were kids.  When you’re sitting, you basically just cross your ankles).  A couple of days ago, he got into the chair and was saying something Dave couldnt understand.  He asked me to translate and I realized that Nico was saying, “Spin.”  So I started spinning him and said, “Are you in Aleman France position?”  To which he replied by crossing his ankles.  It was hilarious. Although Dave asked if I know what “Aleman France” was… which I did… but I’m sure he thinks my mom and I are idiots for teaching Nico nonsense while he is trying to teach Nico all the french words for cup.

Not much going on around here.  Per usual, I am leaving to go out of town tomorrow and have not packed.  At all.  Sad face.  I am a little nervous about this tournament this weekend.  Its been a long time since I was in gladiator mode.  Luckily I am playing on a pretty good team, even if there is sometimes drama on it 😦

I am also in the final stages of setting the high school soccer schedule next year.  Its intense.  I also have recieved permission to shoot action shots at the Chiles Tournament and The Big Bend Preseason Classic (which we are co-hosting with Taylor in Perry).  I guess I need to get serious about designing my logo.  Anyone know a guy that does logos?

All for now.  Love.