Growing Stuff

We had planned to move back to the northwest side…

There have been 4 high profile murders in Rogers Park in the last year or so… a couple of bystanders caught in drive-bys… one at the CTA stop just south of where we are.  Another across the street from the Jewel we went to a lot.

Then, Rogers Park, had the makings of a serial killer.  Back in the late summer/early fall two people were murdered, in separate incidents, execution style in East Rogers park (where we live).

But there are other annoyances to living where we do.  There is a neighborhood bar katty-corner across the street.  Which I thought would be cool… but its not cool when the same drunk lady is outside yelling her face off at 2am.  And parking.  Oh, the parking is the definition of a cluster f*ck.

So, the plan  was to move when our lease was up (April 30).  We *wrongly* assumed that we would be able to go month to month at our current place, not really checking to see that that would be an option.  But it wasn’t and our leasing company would extend the lease by only one month.  For a fee.

We looked at some places… but honestly, Dave and I weren’t sure we’d be able to actually move in order to not be homeless.  Honestly, it scared the hell out of me, the prospect of giving our place up and having to find a new place and move in 10 days.  I’m not going to lie.  Also, April has been completely bonkers for us, with me playing three times a week, Nico’s baseball and soccer schedule picking up.  Judo.  And work.  It just was not going to happen.

So, we’re still in East Rogers Park for another year.

Its actually okay, because I was getting ready to burn the Chicago rental market to the ground.  Truthfully, I hate it.   I absolutely hate it.  We can have a conversation about what should be “required” for a rental space… after months of looking, I just got this unbearable smugness from listings I was seeing.  A third-floor walk-up 3/1 with 900 square feet, no dishwasher and no laundry?  For $1300 a month? In a transit desert? F*ck you.

I don’t know anything about the rental market here, but I know some property developers/leasing companies that have a hell of a lot of nerve with the shit they pull.  I get the sense that so many of these companies are just blinded by the market that they have no sense of decency.  I don’t understand how it isn’t immoral to rent properties that don’t have laundry facilities.

Honestly, at this point, I welcome the revolution.

The good news is that it only took Dave one month of looking at rentals to understand the sociological  implications of vast inequality.  I mean, he’s not throwing Molatov Cocktails… yet…but he gets it.

I guess that one of the upsides to not moving back to the Northwest side means that I can get my garden hopping this year.  Last year, I was supposed to get some new soil amendments o I didn’t start my garden till after.  By then, it was too late.  But, I am on it this year.  I plan to get the lettuce box going again this year, which was great for salads two years  ago.  I am also not kidding myself about the tomato situation.  I’m doing 2-3 plants, tops and they are going in my garden plot, along with Kale.  My strawberry plants failed spectacularly in their strawberry bucket.  But I am not sure what I am going to do there.

My succulents have been doing well.  I had read (on the internet) that succulents don’t like water and to not water them.  Ever.  I had 10 plants in my office window last year this time, and I managed to kill all but 3 of them, just by not watering them.  Well, I read a book on taking care of succulents.  Turns out that they actually like to be watered.  So  they don’t die.

I know what you’re thinking: Could JBR be any more basic?  Of course I would be into succulents.  They are having a moment right now.  You know ya girl: she basic AF.





Plants and the Cubs!

Last night, when I got home, I got the chance to put my herbs into plants and hang them.  Plus, I started some tomatoes.  Don’t they look cute?

Also, Dave’s boss is coming to town in June, and we want to take him and his daughter to a Cubs game.  So I bought tickets.  It’s going to be fun!! Of course, I am a bit spoiled.  The first game I ever went to at Wrigley, we were in the 12th row of box seats.  So, I am a bit spoiled.