The Cubs

We’ve had a bit of a breathless October.  We have been particularly interested in the Cubs this season, because they were on such a tear.  The really good thing about living in Chicago is that all the games were on TV.  Also, one thing that I never appreciated before is how long the season is.
If your team is good, the season just keeps going.  Which is a good thing as a Cubs fan. It’s not great for being a worker, or a parent or a kid having to go to school.  🙂
I don’t think Nico made it though any playoff game.  He pretty much went to bed every playoff game night on the couch.  It was great.
Of course this year’s costume was a baseball player.  At least, that is how I am choosing to remember it.  He also wanted to go as a candy vending machine (an idea he got from Berger Park).  I am choosing to remember that he went as Kyle Schwarber for Halloween because I was too tired and worn out, with too little patience to make him a vending machine costume.  I really hope that this is one of those things that I think is a bigger deal than it is- and not that I am dooming him to a life-time of cheap, uncreative costume ideas because of this one experience.
He doesn’t seem to grasp the rarity of them winning.  He knows intellectually that it had been 108 years.  In fact, it was funny discussing whether or not they would go to the parade (I had to work and he was off of school).  His attitude was very much, “Let’s just go next year when they win it.” Which is a very funny thing to think, for any Cubs fans.
I am loving that he looks up to them as players so much.  They all seem like good guys- none appear to be primadonna jerks.  They seem to work hard and really enjoy playing the game.  It’s nice not having to think about what kind of message it sends that my kid idolizes a player who might be a jerk or who has a rough history with the law.
Some things I think Nico might want to remember: