I got the flu* in January.

Flu* got me like malaria got Laura Ingalls.  

I thought it was a chest cold.  Dave got it first- it started with a bad cough.  Then chills and fevers, etc.  But always the cough.

I wasn’t too worried about it because I got a flu shot.  And when I get the flu shot, it comes with a seat on a high horse.  And I *thought* that the flu can’t touch you if you’re on your high horse.

Reader: I was wrong.  The flu* pulled my ass off my high horse.

It has been a minute since I had the flu*… and I don’t recomend it.  When it was clear that Dave had it, I sprinted Nico to get his flu shot thinking that it was only a matter of time before Nico came down with it.  I know that I am kind of a bad mom because I didn’t get him the shot earlier… but I tried to.  Its just my life…

Guess who hasn’t had the flu?  Nico.

In any case, it was pretty bad.  I was sick of MLK day and the Tuesday and Wednesday after.  So sick I didn’t play soccer.  Do you know how sick that is?

So sick.

Never have I been so grateful to have sick days.  I rotated between 30 min long showers, sleeping, and coughing.

*I am convinced I had coronavirus.  But all the nurses I know said I didn’t, because the first cases showing up in Chicago (from Wuhan) had just been documented.  But I think we are coming to the consensus that Covid-19 was likely in the US before the first cases in Chicago were diagnosed.


Pukey McPukersons

So, we had a bit of an adventure in epidemiology this past week.  So, how it is in the Bishop-Royse house is that we put Nico to bed in his bed.  At some point in the middle of the night, he wakes up and comes into our bed.  Also, apparently, there is usually some ruckus at some point over night, because all the boys in the family are awake… but I usually don’t wake up.  The dogs usually have to go out at 1 am and start their dance (refer to JBR explanations no how they conditioned Dave to do this).  Dave heaves a few deep sighs before kicking the covers off to go let the dogs out.  Sometimes Nico stirs when this happens.  Usually, I am dead to the world at this point.  But on Wednesday night, I stirred a bit too… Nico was fussing around a lot.  I was starting to get a bit annoyed with this when I heard the sound of someone puking.

Its distinctive.  There is no other sound like it.  So I spring out of bed and snatch Nico out- but the damage has been done.  PUKE.  IN.  THE. BED.  Eh.  So we change him and strip the sheets.  We get him back to sleep.  But Thursday morning, he wasn’t feeling so great, so he stayed home from school.

Fast forward to Friday, where I had an especially hard workout at the gym and didn’t feel right for the rest of the day.  I got home and didn’t eat much.  Around 9pm on a Friday night, I PUKED.  On the floor in the basement.  You know you are an adult when you have to clean up your own puke.  Saturday night it got Dave.  It got Dave. I can’t even.

Yeah.  So that was our week/weekend.

Upside to having a naturally curious, but relentless 5 year old?  Now realizes that packages arriving at our house may be for him. And insists that we open.  Its not even Thanksgiving and I am tired of explaining why we cant just open presents now, even though he has presented compelling information.  He said that if he could open them now, he will act surprised when he opens them for real on Christmas.  He actually said that.  He clearly doesn’t know who he is dealing with.

It’s hard to see it, but he wrote that we should not open the package from Amazon until Christmas.

Home sick.

Nico was home sick today.  While he was a peach- trying to get anything done with a kid home is sort of like shoveling snow while it is still snowing.  Except, in Nico’s case, its like trying to remodel a house in the middle of a tornado.  Like seriously, what the hell?

In any case- I have been saving some of his Christmas presents for just such a day.  Behold- a new set of drum sticks:

It totally made his day.


Nico is saying some funny stuff lately.  Dave just came in from giving Nico a bath and said that Nico started a sentence with, “Back when I was a little boy…”

Also, we were at the grocery today and Nico kept grabbing things to put them in the cart.  When I explained, “No, Nico, we don’t need any soda today,” he responded with, “Actually, we do need some more soda” or “Actually, we do need some donuts.”  In all, it’s pretty great.

Here is a video that I took of Nico this evening.  We are going through a loverly hitting phase.  He surprised me with a slap in the face this morning.  Awesome.  And, in case any one was wondering, I didn’t deserve it.

I think I got hit with a 24 hour bug, because from Sunday night to Monday night, I felt just awful.  No appetite and tired.  I think I layed in bed so much that it made my ribs sore.  Is that possible?  Then today, when Nico and I were napping, Dave came home from the gym and started working out in the back yard.  He was hammering on a pole that he nailed Nico’s basketball goal to when a swarm of weapons grade bees got him.  We think this is the same posse of bees that got Nico a couple of weeks ago.  Dave managed to escape with only a sting or two.

Other than that- we are winding the season down.  We found out today that our big center back- who got hurt at the Chiles tournament is going to be out for another 4 weeks- which means that her season and career is basically done.  Its hard to think about, since she has been such an integral part of the team since she was a freshman.  We have the district play off this week and assuming that we are playing in the championship game, we will have at least one game next week.  If we win the district championship game, then we will host next week’s game, if we lose the championship game, we will go on the road to either Pensacola Catholic or Bay Co, after I shoot myself in the face.  We have a really good shot at winning next week, which will put us in regional semifinals- which is the Elite 8.  I am very hopeful, because I think next year will be a bit of a re-building year.

It’s been this way for 6 years- but I sorta can’t believe that the season is about to end.  Its good though- I can always tell when we get to this point in the season.  I am pretty short with Dave and the girls- and I forget what I have verbalized and what I haven’t- so then I get annoyed when they dont remember the 43579348573498 things I have told them about ___________.


We had a pretty fun weekend here. Uncle JJ came up to see us! We waited till after nap on Saturday to go out to Monticello for the Watermelon Festival. We pretty much got there as they were taking it down 😦 but not before we snagged some sno-cone and meat on a stick- which you can’t beat!!

We pretty much just hung around the house. In one sense it was good because I havent had a lot of that lately, but I am feeling the pinch now. I am trying to get these two damn papers out the door.

I seem to be getting sick. Or I seem to be now, at the age of 31 developing a serious set of allergies. Or its just head cold central up in here. In any case, Dave brought home some Allegra tonight and that seems to be helping. Speaking of which, I have calculated it out and it looks like I will be doing dishes and making dinner for the rest of the year. Given that I am totally not weight bearing, that means I have to walk with crutches. Have you ever tried carrying food to and fro while carrying crutches? Yeah, do not like.

So on the way back into town, from the watermelon festival, we snagged some fruit at a fruit stand on Capital Circle. We got a bag full of almost ripe peaches and some watermelon. Today, after school, I sat Nico on the table and had started on a peach and offered him a bite. He ate the whole damn thing. Out of my hand. Refusing to hold it his own self. Seriously. He likes fresh peaches? And pizza? Yeah, until about three weeks ago, I was pretty sure that the only food he liked was CHICK nuggets. Turns out he likes pizza too. Like a fool. That kid changes every day.

Weekend Galore!

Me: Hello?

Voice on the phone: Jessi? It’s Jen (from Nico’s daycare). 

Me (alarmed): Hey.  Is everything okay? (his daycare is in Alumni Village which is in a sketchy part of town.  Not like crack dealers and hookers getting shot in the playground sketchy, just poor people (black and white) loitering about sketchy-like.  Also, usually when they kick Nico out because he is sick, I am pretty surprised by this… so I assume that there was a shooting or a bomb threat or something.  Makes the news that Nico had diarhea three times before noon seem less urgent…)

Jen: Yeah- everything is okay.  Nico’s sick. 

Me:  Do you need me to come get him?

Jen: Yeah, he has a fever/just threw up all over himself/has had 8479343 diarheal diapers this morning.   

Me: Yes!  I love sick days!!  AKA, staying home from work days!!

So this is the conversation that is likely going down later today.  Why?  Bcause Nico is sick.  I think.  Coughing and runny nose.  I am probably a bad mom for sending him to school today… but I asked his doctor what I could do about the runny nose and the cough situation.  He was like, “Dude, he goes to daycare.  The only thing you could do is stay at home with him.  Oh, and the best part?  Little homey passed that mess to me.  So where I was thinking about taking a sick day or two this week (I call them mental health days) it looks like I might actually need to take sick days (sadface).  We’ll see.  I might be able to walk it off.  But, I got this wicked headache, plus a runny nose and a sore throat.  So we will see. 

I went to Baby Poppy Hite’s baby shower this weekend.  I dont think I mentioned it, but I had been working on a simple patchwork quilt for the baby (they dont know the gender yet).  Lauren is due in March- and I have been trying to be better about getting baby gifts to people before the baby goes off to college.  The quilt turned out nice.  The corners aren’t all exactly on point, which is a shame (its also really hard to do).  I also did this thing where I ran a seam 1/4 inch around the inside of a couple of blocks- all random like.  Its pretty cool.  I am not going to lie- I think its awesome. Will try to post pictures tonight.  Even better, is that I put Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix in the background while I worked, so I got through the first season (and part of the second during most of the sewing process).  While I am starting to understand the appeal to Grey’s, I do have to say this: 1).  That the show grossly over estimates the proprotion of extremely good looking medical professionals there are.  2).  Does that much sexual activity happen at hospitals?  Seriously, why don’t we all just concentrate on saving lives?  Just an idea…. 3). Granted, I am only a PhD, not an MD… but my initial guess is that it’s never a good idea to sleep with your boss.  Just sayin….

In any case, it got me thinking- after my two current sewing projects are over (baby quilt for a coworker and for Margot and Mike’s baby) I am starting a quilt for mine and Dave’s bed.  It is ridiculous the amount of fabric I have.  Seriously… I have cut two baby quilts 100 blocks each (each block is 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches) and I didn’t even come close to making a dent in my stash.  Clearly, I have a problem. 

Julia and Jen came to town for the baby shower… so it was nice seeing them. I even managed to sneak out for dinner with Julia, Lauren, and April (at Ray’s Steel City).  I had the Black and Blue Rothlesburger (which except for it’s unfortunate name being associated with an accused rapist), is quite delicious. 

Also, Friday night- the camera came!  My camera came!!  It is pretty much off the chain.  I love it so far.  I played with it a little bit this weekend.  I brought it with me to work today- so that I can run by Rickards High and shoot a track meet going down after work.  Its way more camera than I probably deserve.  Not a professional camera, but just about the closest thing one could get to a pro camera without spending multiple thousands of dollars.  I even have multiple lenses and some filters!!  Whoot! Next up:  hunting the perfect camera bag!!  Whoot!!!

Sicky McSicks

So- the daycare called yesterday and told me to come get Nico.  He was a pooper mcpooperson- and not in a good way.  From 8-1030 they had to change 3 #2 diapers, added to the one Dave changed yesterday morning, the two I changed at the middle school game plus one from when he woke up around midnight, plus one at about 630 this morning… I am thinking he is sick.  What do you think?  It wasnt too bad… being home with a sick Nico is sometimes better than being at work… Since this is the time of the year when people are out- my productivity drops off a bit as well… mostly becaus there are people that I need to get back to me who are on vacation (not just with the State of Florida- in case my Dad was about to inform Gov Elect that he can start cutting government by getting rid of the Department of Health… yeah, don’t do that.) 

Little kids are so weird.  Because they are sick all the time.  But also because they just aren’t themselves.  I am pretty unforgiving of adults.  Like, there is no reason why you being sick should interfere with your ability to do your job.  Seriously- this aint 1898- its not like we are talking about Cholera, TB or Scarlet Fever.  We’re talking about chills and a headache- MAN UP.  But little kids?  You can definitely tell when they dont feel well.  And not just because they go through diapers like no one’s business. 

Nico did get a flu shot last week, so maybe that is what is going on…we also have started letting him have juice (in small amounts) and tried those black grapes from the store…. so we’re aren’t really sure what is going on here.  Except that the daycare did say that there was a stomach bug going around the daycare last week… so maybe that is it.  Oh, and bonus?  Dave is starting to feel sick too.  That can’t be good for business. 

Nico is growing like a weed lately.  He is very coordinated and has taken to throwing things.  Yesterday he threw his sippy cup from the backseat to the front (which isn’t “good”- but still kind of funny).  He also has pretty good aim.  He threw a car in a box from about 4 feet away last night.  Please God, dont let him be into basketball.  I would hate to have to have “The Conversation” with him when he is about 11 years old about how he will probably never be a starting forward for U of L… because I dont want him calling me “The DreamKiller.”  He is also starting to understand commands- like, “Nico, go get your shoes” and “Let’s go do some laundry.”  He is also starting to talk a lot.  He “says” “dog” (gog), “yup” (up), yeah and no.  He is also really into games where I chase him… he laughs pretty much the whole time.  He is also starting to get into reading books (yeah, I know, it only took him 15 short months).  He will actually bring us books now and SIT WITH US WHILE WE read them. This is a new development.  LOVE IT. 

Also, one of the funniest things he is doing (at least to me) is when I change his diaper, he is trying to touch my stomach and hip.  I think he might be feeling my stretch marks, and how different the skin feels. Either that or he is trying to tickle me… because I do laugh whenever he does it. 

All for now.  LOVE.