Nico talk.

Nico is talking up a storm lately…  Some things that he is saying:

“Downhill” or “Uphill” whenever we are driving and we are going downhill or uphill.

“That cool,” whenever he sees something he likes.

“Nico good boy,” whenever we are talking about him doing something good.

“Nico good helper,” whenever he helps. 

“No, no, no,” whenever someone is doing or has done something bad.  Like yesterday one of his friends bit him at school.  When Dave asked Nico what he said, this was the answer, “I told Nichow, NO NO NO!” (complete with finger wagging). 

“See you later,” whenever you or he is going away to do something else.

“Bye digger,” whenever we see diggers while we are driving and we drive away.

“Make money to buy toys and treats and jelly beans,” whenever he goes to “work” and I ask what he is doing at work today. 

A lot of fun… although I am not a fan of this new phase we are in… which is characterized by relentless focus on things he wants and melting down at the drop of a hat.  He has also been waking up earlier… so now he is usually up by 7am… this has not translated to going to sleep earlier. This week I have been trying to get him in bed earlier… many nights he just lies there tossing and turning for a while.  So maybe we are moving onto the next phase?

We went to the book store on Tuesday and bought some new books. One of them was Richard Scarry’s Things We do All Day, or something… its a book with pictures of animals doing people things like driving cars and fighting fires.  Its basically about what people do all day at work.   He knows that Geema and Geepa are the grandparents (Dave’s Parents) he talks to sometimes on the computer (skype).  He knows that Geepa used to drive a police car… I think he is starting to figure out that my dad (Grampy) and Uncle JJ work on roofs because I have pointed out the roofers in the book.  They are building a house and putting the roof on.  Its pretty cool.  Last night he pointed to the roofer and said Grampy. I can’t believe how much he is learning.


Nico is just stinkin’ adorable lately.  Really.  Check out this video Dave made of Nico yesterday morning:

He is really talking up a storm lately.  About everything.  All the time.  And he is so smart.  Yesterday I went to get him from school and as we were getting in the car, he said something that sounded like, “froonies?”  Froonies?  Froonies?  What the hell?  Froonies?  What could he be talking about?  I shook my head and said, “I dont know what you are trying to say, froonies?”  So he thinks for a second and says, “Drink?”  And it occurs to me that he was asking if we could get smoothies.  Really, how brilliant is he?  Rather than melting down because I didnt know what he was saying, he came up with another word to help me understand him. 

I love it. 

Here is a picture of Nico helping Dave take down the old bed.

I think it is safe to say that a workbench is in our future.  Maybe something like THIS?