JJ and Elena Sitting in a tree…

My brother got married.

THAT is a weird sentence to write.  Only because he was so anti for so long, it was like, “Yeah, we get it, you don’t want to get married.”  But he did.  He found a sweet girl that puts up with his shit.

It is funny to type that.  Because he’s actually a nice person to live with… he’s super considerate and pulls his weight with stuff. At least he did on the few occasions that he has lived with us.  Of course, maybe he knows I would put the hammer on him if tried NOT pulling his weight.  It’s hard to say really.   



In any case, they decided to get married.  She is from Germany/Italy, and her family couldn’t make it.  And JJ is anti, as we’ve discussed, so it was small.  Just us and our Washington Aunt Judy.  Plus one of JJ’s friends.

JJ works in marine carpentry; right now he is working on the Swiftsure, the oldest remaining lightship.  Which is really cool.  I got to tour the old boat when I got to town.  Really kind of annoyed I couldn’t get a t-shirt or a coffee cup or something.  Can you imagine it on swag?  It would be brilliant!


The next day, we headed to Pike’s Place for flowers and to walk around.  I haven’t been in over 20 years, so it was cool to see it.  Still still still love buckets of flowers.  Honestly, I could live my whole life and never get tired of buckets of daffodils, lillies and tulips.


Nicole and I were also on the prowl for gifts for our kids.  I hit the jackpot with a complete set of baseball cards from 1989.  Nico was all in on that, you can bet.


JJ’s soon to be mother in law treated us to a fancy dinner the night before at a place on the lake.  Like an idiot, I didn’t bring any other jackets with me to Seattle.  I had my black adidas travel jacket, but that was it.  And it rained a lot… so… I ended up buying a windbreaker from target to keep the rain off of me.  But it meant that I went to dinner looking like a hick that doesn’t know how to dress for fancy restaurants.


I have decided that my sister is the Barney Stinson of us kids.  She photographs well and always looks like a million bucks.  For traveling, she throws on Adidas trainers and a FSU hat over loose wavy hair and looks like an influencer on instagram.  I wear a hat on a plane and people assume I am a man with poor manners. Also, I don’t know if my face is just permanently swollen, but you can pretty much never see my eyes (FAT… its fat, I just have a fat face?). Also, I have come to realize that my face isn’t very symmetrical.  Due to my broken nose and my partially ground down teeth (from grinding my teeth when I sleep).  What is kind of remarkable is that I don’t even see how messed up my face is anymore.  That is what my eyes have done.  They have automatically applied a Facetune edit so I don’t notice on a daily basis on not symmetrical my face is.  So, at least I have that going for me.  SUUUUUUUCK.

The ceremony was a small justice of the peace deal on Sunday morning, which is something I can’t recommend enough.  I didn’t realize it, but the court house was basically closed.  They let us in for the ceremony, but no one else was there.  So it was nice to be able to get pictures without random people being in the way.

After the ceremony we headed to fisherman’s terminal for some pictures.  As he has done for 35 years of his life, JJ was intent on ruining a lot of them, with his face and his general “JJ-ness”.  LOL Elena, joke’s on you, he is yours now!

While at Fisherman’s terminal, we had brunch at Chinook’s, which was fantastic.  It was the best meal I had there.


After brunch, we scooted to a light house for a few more pictures before JJ whisked Elena off for a surprise honeymoon.  He actually got in touch with her boss to get her a couple of days off so that they could go, which I thought was really cool.

When they split for that, Nicole and Aunt Judy and I went to the Chihuly exhibit, which is at the base of the Seattle Space Needle.  It was pretty cool.  I wasn’t REALLY interested in hitting the exhibit, but we had like 10 hours still my flight and 6 for Nicole’s so, we were like, “Sure”. I was blown away by the intricacies of the work.  So, I was glad we went.


Weekend WIN!

So, we had a really amazing weekend. 
We got kind of a late start out of town on Friday night.  We didnt get on the road till almost 730, leaving for Mexico Beach which was about 2 hours and 15 minutes west (out near Panama City).  We were headed to one of Dave’s coworkers’ wedding (Ruth was marrying Bill).  Nico was a peach in the car.  We arrived at the El Governor Hotel in Mexico Beach and got checked in… we were on the second floor… with our balcony door open, we fell asleep listening to the sound of waves on the beach.  It was awesome.

Saturday morning, Nico and Dave went to get some breakfast, while I slept in.  When they got back, we got dressed and headed to the ceremony.  Ruth and Bill rented a beach house that was a stone’s throw from our hotel.  They had the ceremony on the beach at about 11 am- followed by mimosas and brunch.  Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel, where the three of us caught a nap, sleeping for almost 3 hours!!  Dave and Nico went down to the beach and the pool to do some swims for a couple of hours.  Nico LOVES swimming.  In the pool he kept trying to get away from Dave and didnt seem to be bothered AT ALL when he dunked “his own self” under.  I know… how awesome, right?

When they came back up to the hotel, we got ready and headed back down the beach for the reception.  Ruth and Bill had a pig roast and Tallahassee swing.  Nico had a pretty fun time listening to the band and dancing.  I took my big camera and shot lots of pictures of the sunset (experimenting with different settings).  This one of Dave and Nico is one of my favorite. 

But I also really like this one!  Too bad that dress really is too informal to wear to work… it was really comfortable!!

Nico ended up falling asleep at the end of the night.  It was nice listening to the band and the waves, sitting in a chair out on the beach while Nico snuggled up and fell asleep on me.  Have decided that I must get a job that will either allow us to live full time at the beach.  Or one that will allow us to vacation at the beach a month or two out of the year.  And I am not talking about Miami living at the beach… I am talking about living on the beach.  Like if I fell out of my balcony, it would be okay, because I would land in a sand dune live at the beach. 
This thought was cemented by our drive home on Sunday.  Since I had never been to Seaside or Grayton Beach, we took a spin through there.  Side note, Seaside is so upscale that they have a gourmet grilled cheese sandwhich food truck.  The cheese aint no American cheese food… think gouda.  Think provolone.  Think goat cheese.  I know, right?
We stopped for lunch at one of Dave’s favorite places to eat (The Red Bar in Grayton Beach).  I had a pretty good gumbo and about half of Nico’s grilled cheese, which was, probably the best I have ever had.  We walked down to the water, whcih was completely different than it had been in Mexico Beach.  Deep thick sand that was the texture of finr sugar.  Like whoa.  We made it back in town by about 6pm on Sunday.  It was pretty fun. 
And, I almost forgot!  I was voted Coach of the Year for the All-Area Big Bend Girls Soccer team.  So that was exciting news I got on Sunday morning!!