Funs and Travels.

We had a really fun weekend around here.  It started on Saturday when I went down to Woodville for a run and to train my new goalkeeper (side note:  She’s going to be pretty good.  She is so STRONG!  has a good work ethic.  And while she has been on the verge of tears several times during training sessions, she hasn’t quit goalkeeping yet.  She’s a great kid, too.  And she isn’t a princess.  I dont think I am going to have to have the conversation about why wearing makeup in games….this is a bonus!!)

I ran on the trail… which was like, “meh.”  I was having a good time of it, feeling good (it was only a three mile run) when I get passed by a pack of GAZELLES.  Here I am, overweight, red, sweaty, puffy faced, ready to die, and this pack of gazelles moves around me like I am standing still, in their little uniforms of spandex shorts and sports bras and six packs and pin straight hair pulled back into thin ponytails.  Oh well.

On my way back into town, I stopped by the hardware store in Woodville and picked up some more plants and seeds.  When I got home, I worked in the garden a bit because Dave and Nico weren’t home yet.  They had gone swimming (so much fun!).  Saturday night Dave took Nico to the Irish festival downtown, Nico got to see bagpipes, which was cool.  We had a Nap:Fail on Saturday, so they didnt stay long.  I was at home doing cleans.

Sunday, Nico and I headed out early.  We had some errands to run.  Nico needed socks and such.  We also had to take his books back to the library in Woodville.  Since we were there, we stopped and played soccer and played on the play ground.

He had a really good time.  We went home and had lunch and naps.  Sunday night, Dave and I went to go play soccer.  Nico was not really that happy about this.  Dave and I had fun.  We picked up onto another team (since our team had a bye).  We didnt think that the team would be that good… it looked like some jackassery from the start.  One of our guys was sent off with an undeserved red card.  And we played against a kick and run team with a bunch of fast Hispanic guys up front.

The bad news is that I gave up 3 goals.  Obviously not pleased with that.  But we did win and I made a bunch of saves.  Good ones.  And I got my arm scrapped up:

So that was cool.  Dave and I have some fun travel plans for the next few months.  First, we are going to Louisville for Derby week next month.  Yay.  There will be boat races and parades and hot air balloon races. Fun.  Then we are going to a wedding on Siesta Key in May.  We have also bought tickets for a soccer game  (US men v. Scotland) on May 26 in Jacksonville.  I dont think I have ever seen the US men play, so that is pretty exciting.

I have a conference in Orlando in June- so Dave and Nico might come down for a trip to Sea World.  I think that would be a major blast.  Nico would really like it, I think.  Then in July we are going to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a Bishop family holiday.  Nicole and Cody are coming East and we are heading west.  Should be lots of fun.  I am hoping to fish and swim and be a bum.

I am trying to get some players together to play in Dallas at Labor Day.  My good friend Julia lives there now (and plays).  Am hoping she might be able to take the 4 players we have put us on a team.  That would be fun.

All for now.  I am off.

Potty Training

So- Dave and I talked about it this weekend- and we are thinking that it might be time to potty train Nico. He hates getting his diaper changed. He says he wants to get stickers for going on the potty. I think its time. But I am not trying to be stopping every 10 minutes on the way to Miami for Christmas. So I think we are going to do it the week we get back. The FSU COM is closed- so I will be home with him. Seems like a good time. Yikes.

Other than that- I mostly have Christmas shopping done. Just gotta tie up a few loose ends. Am hoping Santa is real good to me this year and I get an ipad. I just want one. I just do. I cant help it.

We played last night. We won. Really easily. All the original varsity members have scored a goal this year (except for the one who broke her arm before season started). We have a game tonight and Saturday. Then a game next week- then Christmas. Just trying to get through.

All for now.

Regular Season District Champs!

So the big news around here is that we are the regular season distric champs!!  Waka waka!! 

Yeah, we are pretty much awesome.  We beat Rutherford on Saturday, despite getting down by a goal early.  Difference between this team and previous teams?  Prior to this year if we got down by a goal early on, we’d fold up like a bunch of lawn chairs.  We seem to be at a place now, where we’re like?  Its only one goal!  And we have 70 minutes of game ahead of us.  Lets see you hold on to that lead!! 

So we have two regular season games left Tuesday (senior night) and Saturday (we go on the road to Sewannee).  Then next week, we skip the play in game (first time in 5 years that we have gotten to skip the play in game 🙂  We go to Panama City on Friday night to play the District Championship game.  Whoot!!  That is pretty exciting. I think this photo pretty much sums it up:

On another note- I ran a 5K on Saturday (before the game).  Again, with the lack of preparation.  I dont know who I think I am- maybe Kelly the Baller?  First, who thinks they can just show up to run a 5K?  Secondly, who cant do the math to see what that would entail?  Seriously- since I started my “Run Every Day of 2011” Resolution, the furthest I have run is 1 mile… which wasnt a big deal when I calculated that a 5K is 2.2 miles (its not).  A 5K is 3.1 miles…. so much of the race was Sucktownvilleburg.  But I am glad I ran it.  I had planned on running the Resolution 5K on FSU’s campus this coming Saturday.  But Leslie (a friend and the other assistant coach (pictured next to #21) suggested that I run the Billy Bowlegs race this saturday… and she would run the Resolution 5K next week. 

On another note- how cute is THIS guy?

Don’t you think he should be selling jeans for Gap?  Or hooded fleece sweatshirts for Old Navy?  Here is the thing:  If this soccer/judo/track/cross country/baseball/academic thing doenst work out for Nico, I think he might have a future career as a model.  No seriously.  Look at him and his cuteness! Can’t you just eat him up?

Release the BEAST!

Nico’s childcare was closed yesterday, so I took the day off.  We had a pretty fun little morning- ran a few errands.  Came home and made some more dog biscuits.  Seriously, the dogs love them and they are fun to make with little guys.  We also made Turkey soup with the last of the turkey from the Holidays.   So that was pretty fun.

Nico starts back at school today.  Guess who is going to be a little Beast?  Nico getting to do whatever he wants+change in sleeping routine=BEAST.  Good thing I dont have to get him from school today… now the girls can’t tell me what a bad mom I am for Nico getting COMPLETELY OFF THE CHAIN.  When they confront me, I am just going to point to Nico with a surprised look on my face.

We had our first practice since the break yesterday.  Looks like the goodness we had rolling before Christmas hasn’t rubbed off or mysteriously disappeared.  Seriously- I half expected to show up to practice yesterday and for it to be a HOT MESS all over the place.  Even awesomer?  EVERYONE is healthy.  KG (one of our seniors who has been nursing an (ankle) injury, is back.  So is Thig, one of our sophomore midfielders).  They weren’t squirelly- which is a first for us.  And they played well.  So that is pretty exciting.