The Forty By 40 List

  1. Attend a blogger conference, craft/writing retreat, or photography workshop.
  2. Become proficient in R.
  3. Brew my own beer (completed August 2017)
  4. Catch/clean/cook a fish.
  5. Cultivate a wardrobe made up of ONLY clothes that make me happy.
  6. Do a pull up.
  7. Do karaoke.
  8. Do an entirely handmade Christmas.
  9. Facilitate/organize/foster/grow a community dedicated to helping others accomplish life lists.
  10. Finish Nico’s baby book.
  11. Get down to goal weight.
  12. Have drinks in a real speakeasy.
  13. Have perfume made for me.
  14. Hike all the hikes in the 60 Hikes/60 Miles Guide of Chicago.
  15. Hike the Long Trail.
  16. Konmari my stuff and my life.
  17. Learn to ice skate.
  18. Learn pretty hand lettering.
  19. Learn to draw.
  20. Learn to sail.
  21. Make 100 lovely things.
  22. Organize and play in a North High Alumni  Game (completed January 2017)
  23. Overhaul/Restore vintage Fuji bike.
  24. Paddle Race/Expedition with Dad.
  25. Participate in a craft fair/bazaar as a maker.
  26. Publish a blog that earns money.
  27. Print/scrapbook photobooks of annual family adventures.
  28. Read all the Booker Mann prize books.
  29. Run 7 mile Bridge in the Keys.
  30. Run every day for a year.
  31. Run every bridge in Chicago.
  32. Cross Brooklyn Bridge on foot (completed November 2017)
  33. See the Paris Bird Market (completed September 2016)
  34. See the Art Institute of Chicago.
  35. See planetary event with Nico.
  36. Train for 1 year as a judoka (completed February 2018)
  37. Try 100 Cocktails.
  38. *Listen to all of Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums, of all time.
  39. Watch all Best Picture Academy Award winning movies.
  40. Write 365 blog posts in a year.

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